Interview with Talk Radio Host Simon Barrett

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“I enjoyed Piercing The Veil a great deal, so much so, that I decided to pierce the veil of Eric Wentz and invite him onto my Week In Reviews radio program for an interview.    This might be the hidden best seller of 2009.”” – Simon Barrett

Book Review: Simon Barrett

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 “I love action and adventure books, and Piercing The Veil satisfies my hunger. There is action from page one until you reach the back cover. This is escapism at its finest.” – Simon Barrett

Ageless North Shore News Article

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Highland Park News Article

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Piercing the Veil — The Warrior’s Quest

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There is one question that ultimately every great warrior is forced to confront. If he himself will not ask it, it will be asked of him.


My book deals with a hostage situation in a certain southeastern African country and a rescue attempt by Navy SEALs. Does this sound like today’s headlines? My book anticipated these events by several years.


My book is not just one story but really the narrative blend of two stories separated by more than a thousand years. One represents the most enduring quest in the western world while the other is contemporary mirror of that same quest plus the spike of contemporary terrorism. What unites them is the fact that both embody the story of knighthood. Lest one think the concept of knighthood has faded, one has only to compare the legacy of medieval chivalric conduct in everything from the decorum of contemporary military conduct to the deference given to symbols of rank. Salutes, and ceremonial paraphernalia, such as, swords, stars, and even coats of arms, are all among the contemporary reflections of a distant mirror. Perhaps the United States Marines most successfully illustrate this in their advertisements in which they use swords and even medieval depictions of armor to illustrate the time honored facets of warrior conduct.